Traders Fair & Gala Night – 2020 [The world of finance in one event]

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Traders Fair & Gala Night 2020 – The world of finance in one event

Traders fair2020

Finexpo team has some news for you – the new date for Traders Fair – Hanoi 2020 is October 3, 2020.

Due to the current situation and influence of COVID-19 we have to announce that Traders Fair-Hanoi will be postponed to the new date – October 3, 2020.

Remarkable exhibition of successful international and local companies and educational seminars from financial gurus, investors and trading experts will be waiting for you on October 3, 2020.

Those who has already registered – save the new date and for those who hasn’t – you have an amazing opportunity to be a part of Trader Fair-Hanoi in October!  FREE

We hope for your understanding as your health and well-being are top priority for us. We apologize for any potential inconveniences caused by this delay and appreciate your understanding.

Stay tuned! #tradersfair2020 #tradersfair #tf_hanoi #financialeducation #tradersfair_vietnam

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